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I am consumer, not blogger

I am a wine consumer.
I am not a "wine blogger".

I am inspired enough on certain occasions to share my wine experiences.
I am not always writing for others, while more often doing so for myself.

I do buy wine at a retailer, winery, or restaurant just like other consumers.
I do not solicit (or shakedown) wineries for free wine samples.

I am regularly declining offers for free wine.
I am not here to promote a winery's or distributor's product.

I do prefer to experience wine with food.
I do not bring a laptop to wine dinners.

I do order and serve wine at my table to please, rather than to impress.
I do not care for scores or points of any kind.

I am biased.
I am not a journalist.

I do have an increasing appreciation for those who write for a living.
I do not have an aspiration to be a professional wine writer.

I do only cover the Oregon and Washington wine scene.
I do not care how my site or page ranks.

I am subjective.
I am not one to use the word "best" in my coverage.

I am sometimes right and sometimes wrong.
I am not concerned with how many "Friends" or "Followers" I have.

I do hope to empower other wine consumers.
I do not post press releases or include them in my coverage.

I am a practitioner of full disclosure.
I am not affiliated with the wine industry in any way.

I do enjoy meeting people and visiting places behind the wines I drink.
I do not do tweet ups.

I am in awe of those who approach winegrowing and winemaking as a craft.
I am not impressed with those who are merely pushing a beverage for trade.

I am a huge fan of pinot noir, gamay noir, chardonnay, and riesling.
I am not a big fan of cabernet, merlot or zinfandel.

I am still expanding my frame of reference.
I am not trying to achieve fame or fortune.

I am grateful for the connections made with various people and places here.
I am not convinced this site offers the best means to express my passion for wine.

I am consumer, not blogger...

Note: for more about me and my approach, please read my disclosure statement.

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