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Vin de Lac 2008 Vie! Viognier Lake Chelan


A clear straw color in the glass, the Vin de Lac 2008 Viognier Lake Chelan (14.3%) offered citrus fruit and wet stone notes to the nose.

Crisp acidity with a pleasing minerality in the beginning but then followed by a bit of heat to the back of the throat on the finish.

While it showed promise, the higher alcohol relative to other Lake Chelan 2008 viogniers I have tried recently would prompt me to pass on another bottle of the Vin de Luc Vie! ($18).

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I have tasted a few wines from this vineyard. I liked the PInot Gris and the Ice wine. here's a link to the Ice wine I reviewed, perhaps you'd be interested in my comments:


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