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Chelan Estate 2004 Pinot Noir Estate Vineyard

In the glass, the Chelan Estate 2004 Pinot Noir Estate Vineyard (12.0%) was a clear, ruby brick red color delivering dusty sour notes to the nose leading to a spicy, funky, woody scent. This Lake Chelan AVA pinot offered good acidity, but was immediately followed by a toasty, sour spice that was off-putting.

I had to pass on this wine after a few sips. Purchased at retail for $25.

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Thad, Sadly, I consider this to be among the most interesting Pinot Noirs I have come across in Washington at the moment. Smells like Pinot more or less. Tastes...more like Pinot than most. Definitely a lot of acidity and wood on the palate. Despite its shortcomings, I think this wine shows some potential for this varietal here. However, it is still a l o n g way off, if it ever happens imo. Have you or others seen any WA Pinots you have been impressed by?

Hey Sean, based on your experience, I should give another bottle a try.

On the nose and in the mouth, this wine finished in a funky way. Not the earthy funk that I like, rather a twang that I just could not get past (neither could my wife).

I have a Wapato Point Cellars pinot noir that will be opened soon, which will offer an additional frame of reference on Lake Chelan pinot fruit.

In the meantime, I have yet to discover a Washington pinot noir that I could recommend. It's not to say they're all bad, but none have yet to please my subjective palate (which is more and more grounded in Oregon pinot).

Thad, I'm with you. I had both of the Pinot's you're referencing and they just didn't measure up to others that I've had. I'm not sure if its the growing climate or the particular vintage. The jury is still out for me. In my April trip to Chelan, I'll give them another go!

Josh @nectarwine on twitter

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