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Au revoir...arrivederci...auf wiedersehen...adiós

Nowhere Road

Four years ago today, I launched this site as a means to chronicle my experiences connecting with the people and places behind Oregon and Washington wine.

In keeping with this site's name, I yearned to go beyond the bottle to learn more about the land, the growers, the vines, and the makers who craft some truly extraordinary wines here in the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, I wanted to share these experiences so other consumers could become more connected to our region's bounty.

What an incredibly fulfilling and deeply satisfying journey it has been these last four years.

During this period, I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know a number of wonderful people involved in our region's wine industry. Their passion and dedication to the craft of growing, making, and marketing wine has been truly inspiring. Many of their wines have not only graced my table, but continue to fill my shopping cart.

While I remain an avid consumer and ardent promoter of Oregon and Washington wines, I no longer have the desire or drive to write about my experiences. As evidenced by my shorter and infrequent posts of late, it is time to close this chapter and move on to other pursuits.

Today, I bid you, readers, followers, and friends, a heartfelt good-bye.

Thank you very much for being a part of my journey these last four years. As a result of maintaining this site, I am a much better informed and connected consumer of Oregon and Washington wine. My palate is now aligned with places and producers that I might otherwise have never discovered, and whose wines I look forward to buying and enjoying in the years ahead.

In closing this chapter, I am starting a new one focused on my photography, a long standing passion that was re-ignited over the last year while capturing more of my wine experiences with a camera rather than a keyboard. For those interested in following my work and related commentary, please visit www.thadsworld.net, a site launched in December.

Finally, I will keep BeyondtheBottle.com up for the foreseeable future, as there continues to be steady stream of visitors and readers to the site each week. That said, there will come a day in the next six to nine months when this site, like any good bottle of wine, will be empty. And just with any good bottle, the wine may be gone, but the memories of that experience will last forever.

Au revoir...arrivederci...auf wiedersehen...adiós...until we meet again...

Thad Westhusing

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