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List of Washington's Certified Vineyards and Wineries

Here are the vineyards and wineries in Washington state that have been certified for some type of sustainable practice, be it organic, biodynamic or otherwise. Washington's list was compiled based on info found at the Low Input Viticulture & Enology, Salmon-Safe, and Demeter® USA sites. As a result, this list may not always contain the most current or complete certifications received by a Washington state vineyard or winery.

Badger Mountain Vineyards (Salmon-Safe)
Double River Estate Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Figgins Estate (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Frenchtown Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Heather Hill (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Les Collines Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Loess Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Lopez Island Vineyards (Salmon-Safe)
McClellan Estates (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Mill Creek Upland Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Mill Creek Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Pepper Bridge Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Portteus Vineyards (Salmon-Safe)
Seven Hills West (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Canoe Ridge Vineyard - Ste Michelle (LIVE Sustainable)
Cold Creek Vineyard - Ste Michelle (LIVE Sustainable)
Stillwater Creek Vineyard (Salmon-Safe)
Va Piano Vineyards (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Waliser Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Wallula Vineyards (Demeter® Biodynamic)
Wilridge Vineyard (Demeter® Biodynamic)
Woodward Canyon (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
XL Vineyard (LIVE Sustainable)

Abeja (Salmon-Safe)
aMaurice (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Amavi Cellars (Salmon-Safe)
Badger Mountain Vineyards (Salmon-Safe)
Baer Winery (Salmon-Safe)
Beresan Winery (Salmon-Safe)
Cayuse Vineyards (Demeter® Biodynamic)
Côte Bonneville (Salmon-Safe)
Dunham Cellars (Salmon-Safe)
Five Star Cellars (Salmon-Safe)
Hedges Family Estate (Salmon-Safe)
L'Ecole No. 41 (Salmon-Safe)
Leonetti Cellars (Salmon-Safe)
Lopez Island Vineyards (Salmon-Safe)
Pepper Bridge Winery (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)
Portteus Vineyards & Winery (Salmon-Safe)
Reininger Winery (Salmon-Safe)
Saviah Cellars (Salmon-Safe)
Seven Hills (Salmon-Safe)
Waters Winery (Salmon-Safe)
Wilridge Winery (Demeter® Biodynamic)
Woodward Canyon Winery (LIVE Sustainable/Salmon-Safe)

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