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This Thanksgiving, drink what you like, but ask...

It has become clearly gratuitous when wine writers, be they professional, blogger, or otherwise, suggest to you, the consumer, what you should be drinking this Thanksgiving. It's all rubbish, quite frankly, to recommend certain wines, when the fact is that this annual celebration remains one of the only meals when just about any wine suffices, especially knowing the subjective nature of the American palate.

For those on the writing side of this equation, I encourage critics, columnists, and bloggers to read, study, and internalize Alder Yarrow's timeless post, "Stop The Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations". As to consumers, I encourage you to ask yourself while enjoying whatever bottle graces your table, what is in this wine? What ingredients comprise this beverage that I, along with my family and friends, will imbibe and digest tonight? Is it natural or man made?

Unfortunately, most Americans consuming wine this Thanksgiving holiday will have no idea what they are drinking. Sure, there are grapes in that fermented juice, but what else is included along the way? If you're drinking a Bonny Doon wine, then you'll know exactly what is in the bottle you're serving this holiday.

Others are doing the same such as Brick House Vineyards, which disclose what is in their wines on their bottle's labels. It's time all wine producers follow the lead of Bonny Doon, Brick House, and other producers who are providing transparency on the chemicals added in the vineyard and in the winery that eventually reach the American consumer's dinner table.

Drink what you like this Thanksgiving, but along the way please be sure to seek answers to what you are drinking. It's time to start knowing what is comprised in the wines that help us celebrate annual holidays or daily gatherings. The time has come for full disclosure, wine producers.

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