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Columbia Winery Small Lot Series 2007 Riesling


What I Drank With Dinner (WIDWD)

Although this wasn't officially "drank with dinner", we did enjoy this Washington riesling before our meals on two consecutive nights. The Columbia Winery 2007 Small Lot Series Riesling Yakima Valley (13%) offers a delicious expression of our state's riesling at a reasonable price. I picked a bottle up at a local grocer (Metropolitan Market) for $14.50.

Columbia's small lot series is a collection of low production bottlings described on their web site as "wines produced exclusively for our wine club and tasting room". Looks like some cases needed to be moved into the retail channel, which is good fortune for those unable to make a visit to the winery in Woodinville.

Here's how the back label describes this wine:

Selected exclusively from higher elevation sites within the Yakima Valley, this wine expresses the flavor depth and raciness that are hallmarks of Washington Riesling. It features lively lime and kiwi notes with hints of peach, finishing with bright acidity. This dry-style Riesling will pair brilliantly with rich poultry dishes and spicy cuisines.

And here's what I thought of it. On the eyes, this riesling was a light gold and green color. On the nose, it offered a signature hint of petrol, tropical fruit, honeysuckle and other floral notes. On the palate, it wasn't so much peach as melon flavors such as honeydew and cantaloupe that predominated through a somewhat long, creamy viscous finish. At 1.3% residual sugar, it offered just enough sweetness to balance with the crisp acidity.

I would buy this wine again and serve it with some spicy Asian food. But it was just fine as a standalone wine before eating our dinner.

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On behalf of Columbia Winery, thank you for the great review of our Small Lot Series Riesling!

Now that Columbia Winery has signed a long term extension lease at its location in Woodinville, I hope we will see you at the tasting room...lots of wines to taste....!!!

Holly Matson
Director, Columbia Winery

Hi Thad,

I'm glad you liked the wine! Riesling is one of my favorite white wines to make because you can make it so many ways. Right now I am experimenting with a bone dry and a botrytis style in addition to the off-dry and sweet styles that we currently offer in the market. And we have our fingers crossed for ice wine! (So far no cooperation from Mother Nature...)


Kerry Norton
Columbia Winery

Holly and Kerry,

Glad to know you all will remain in Woodinville, as I look forward to stopping by and trying some of your new releases soon.

And keep up the good work making affordable, quality Washington wines.

I can't wait to taste some of the new approaches you all are taking with Washington riesling.

Thad W.

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