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Trust Cellars 2006 Riesling


What I Drank With Dinner (WIDWD)

Last night, Kari and I enjoyed a wonderful bottle of Trust Cellars 2006 Riesling Columbia Valley with a spicy Korean style barbecue dinner. What a terrific wine to pair with our meal. It even went well with the apple crisp dessert Kari and my daughters made that same day with fresh Washington state Honey Crisp apples.

In fact, if it weren't for having to put our daughters to bed, we would have sat at the table and enjoyed the entire bottle. On the eyes, the Trust riesling was a clear, light golden yellow. On the nose, there was the signature note of petrol combined with a floral, stone-fruit bouquet. On the palate, flavors of honey with some minerality all ending in a clean, crisp finish.

This riesling brought back memories of visiting Trust Cellars in July, meeting Steve Brooks (founder/winemaker), and hearing firsthand how he crafted this wine. Best of all, I enjoyed hearing Steve's story about his motivations for becoming a winemaker, which are summed up best on the back of every bottle of Trust Cellars wine:

To change, to shift. To make an about-face. To move from a lifestyle rooted in technology and speed to an existence focusing on soil and sun. Taking a giant step requires trust. The trust of your family and friends...and the trust in yourself. Come visit us in Walla Walla. We’ll share a glass of wine and our story.

I first experienced Steve's riesling back in April at Taste Washington, which he was pouring along with other Trust wines. At that time, Steve shared that he was not making an '07 riesling, as sales of the '06 were just not strong enough. It was disappointing for I really thought Steve clearly had a gift with the riesling variety.

After enjoying last night's wine, I emailed Steve today to see if he had reconsidered his decision not to make another riesling. Fortunately for all current and future Washington riesling fans, Steve will be releasing the Trust Cellars 2008 Riesling next May. It seems there were enough folks who loved this wine (like me) that implored him to make more.

I can't wait to try his next vintage of this wonderful Washington grape.

In the meantime, I hope Steve is able to invest more time on the Trust Cellars web site, specifically in providing details about his story in becoming a winemaker as well as providing tasting notes on each wine. It would also be great to see more detail on each wine's label, describing where the grapes were sourced and how the wine was made. In doing so, folks can connect even more with the people and places behind Trust Cellars wines.

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