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WineFoot.com is off to a sprint

Slowly but surely, there are more folks in our state blogging about Washington wine. This is something very much needed when you think about the lack of coverage our state receives in the blogosphere. Which is why I am so excited about WineFoot.com, a new wine blog that literally burst onto the scene last month and has been running at a fast pace ever since.

In just two months, WineFoot.com has been covering a variety of wines, tasting events, winemakers, industry news, and other related topics. And there's a growing library of videos and photos making this blog unique through its broad use of digital media. The pace of coverage from this blog is truly astounding.

Best of all, WineFoot.com is a blog that offers its readers the straight scoop. With WineFoot.com, you get the good, the bad and the ugly, sometimes in an unvarnished approach, all of which provides a refreshing and informative overview of Washington wine.

I had the privilege of meeting Duane a few weeks back at a tasting event and have been following his blog ever since on a daily basis. I emphasize daily because Duane is on a fast clip. I am amazed at the frequency and variety of his posts and can only hope that he maintains the pace. His passion for wine and commitment to his blog is truly inspiring.

There is a lot to gain from reading WineFoot.com. I encourage you to check them out on a regular basis.


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