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Where are the Washington-based wine bloggers?

I've been blogging about wine for over five months now and am surprised that there aren't more folks like me based in Washington state doing the same. There are plenty of bloggers around the country (especially in California) who blog about Washington wine, but it seems there are only a handful of us in the state doing this on a regular basis.

Based on my latest count, these bloggers include:

Andy of The Wine Knows;
Catie of Through the Walla Walla Grapevine;
Gene of Seattle Wine Blog;
Margot of Write for Wine; and
Paul of Northwest Wine Insider.

Again, these are the folks who both reside in Washington state and regularly blog about wine. There are others out there who were blogging frequently earlier in the year or even prior to that, but today are more or less absent from the scene.

Do you know of a wine blogger who lives in Washington state not listed above?

If so, I would greatly appreciate you sharing who these bloggers are and the URL to reach them by submitting a comment. In doing so, I am hoping to add more of our state's bloggers to the list of "Pacific Northwest Blogs" blogroll you see in the right column. The more the merrier in terms of helping raise the tide for Washington wine.

Thanks in advance for your help locating these folks!


Hi Thad,
I think you're onto something here. There are not many of us. I'm a fairly recent blogger -- I just started Write for Wine in mid-June. And I have the exact same list as you do! Maybe Catie or Gene have some new names to add.

Thanks Margot for your comment. Hopefully other bloggers and readers will be able to provide some new names.

Hello Thad,

You might check out Ron Holden's cornichon.org. Also, from Vancouver, is Wilf Kruetzmann's
Wilf's Wine Press. Both are talented wine writers who've been blogging a while.

Welcome to the vinosphere!
~Russ "The Winehiker" Beebe


Thanks for introducing me and my readers to these blogs.

Based on a search of Ron's blog, he's been posting regularly Washington wine. And it's great to learn of Wilf, a Pacific Northwest wine blogger up north in Vancouver.

Again, many thanks for your referrals.


Thad, this is a great idea. I sent you an email. We need to have a Washington Wine Bloggers Association. By the numbers it will give us a lot of strength.



I think it's a fantastic idea to create a united front toward promoting Washington wine. I'll get back soon with more thoughts.

Thanks for commenting!


And another - -


Thanks Catie. I also located another WA wine blogger based in Seattle:

JeffDav on Wine - http://jeffwine.blogspot.com/

Please keep them coming!


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